Use your voice to shape Utah's Future

Last fall, you used used the Build Your 2050 Utah web app, where you made decisions about how Utah should grow. We used the results of the web app in conjunction with the expertise and research of 400 Utah experts to modle potential futures and create the Your Utah, Your Future survey. Take the survey now.

Are You One of the 50,000?

By 2050, our population will nearly double. Will we have enough water to drink? Will our air be clean? How will we educate twice as many students? Will our economy remain strong? What kind of future will we leave for our children and grandchildren?

You can help answer these questions by clicking here to take the Your Utah, Your Future survey. The survey shows you 5 scenarios for Utah future, each representing different choices on 11 topics affected by our growth. Take some time now to take the survey by selecting the choices you want to make in each topic area and then choosing an overall scenario for Utah in 2050.

Recent News and Updates

  • Wasatch Choice for 2040 Consortium

    Wasatch Choice for 2040 Consortium

    The Wasatch Choice for 2040 Vision is working in our region. Consortium Partners are pleased to announce this year’s day-long event Thursday, Oct. 23, 8a - 3p at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

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  • 2014 Common Good Awards

    2014 Common Good Awards

    Please join us Tuesday, November 25th from 11:30a-1:00p, for our 2014 Common Good Awards. Dr. Matthew Holland, President of UVU will be our keynote speaker. Stay tuned for further event details . . .

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  • Clean Air Action Team 2014/15 Recommendations

    Clean Air Action Team 2014/15 Recommendations

    Poor air quality during certain periods of the year ranks as Utahns' greatest concern about their quality of life, and it threatens not only our health but our economy as we seek to recruit and retain businesses and a high-quality workforce.

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